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The Stagecoach Family Restaurant

Right on Queen St. in the center of the old town. Great breakfasts and diner style lunches at reasonable prices. The staff is super friendly. Get a seat in the front half with a view of Queen St.

The Red Rooster Restaurant

Also at the intersection of Mississauga St. and Mary St., a family friendly spot. The homemade soup is always a winner!

The Golf Club

Located on the waterfront in NOTL, it has the best water view in town. Ask for a seat by the window or on the patio and enjoy your meal.

The Pie Plate

Located in the center of Virgil, 10 minutes away. A quaint family bakery restaurant – perfect for pastries, lunch and dinner and take away. Incredible baked goods!

The Epicurean

Located on Queen St., they have gourmet counter service, and a delicious selection of options. Dinner is a sit-down affair, higher priced but very good.

The Irish Tea Room

Located on Queen St. in the Irish Shop, it has a delicious homemade menu and lovely tea and desserts.

Willow Bakery

On the edge of the old town area at the intersection of Mississauga St. and Mary St. Good coffee, pastries, light lunches.

The McFarland House

This beautiful historic building on the Niagara Parkway, minutes from the old town, serves the best tea in town and is a wonderful lunch spot. Take the tour while you are there – it’s worth it.

The Stone Road Grill/Rest To Go

At the corner of Mississauga St. and Mary St., The Stone Road Grill has the areas best fine dining. Rest To Go is their take-out spot next door and offers the best pizza around.

The Neighbourhood

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Our Favourite Activities

Fort George National Historic Site of Canada

Headquarters of the British Army during the War of 1812. Stand atop the firing ports of the blockhouse, find the entrance to the secret stone tunnel, and enjoy lively musket and artillery demonstrations.

Simcoe Park

The park right in the old town on Queen St. It has a fun water fountain for splashing in the summer. Great for picnics.

Happy Rolph's

A bird and animal sanctuary on Lake Ontario, it is west on Mary St. until it becomes Lakeshore Rd. It is a 15 min. drive, exit to the right at the signs, just before the Welland Canal.

Memorial Park

Located two blocks south of Abigail House, it is the biggest park in NOTL. It has a public pool that welcomes visitors for a nominal charge, including a high and low diving board. There is a playground, tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, baseball field, soccer fields and great trails for walking, hiking and biking.

The Avondale Dairy

A trip back in time for amazing ice cream in farm country. Take Mississauga Street towards the QEW. Turn right at Stewart Road. The dairy is on the right. The line is out the door, but it moves quickly.

The Shaw Festival

Always superb! There are usually one or two shows appropriate for children who enjoy theatre too.

Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Experience the adrenaline rush as the waters from the Niagara river embrace you in an unforgettable tour. Since 1992, traversing the rapids of the Niagara River Gorge with Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours has become the world’s single most popular whitewater tour.

The Waterfront

Walking down to the beach and playing by the water’s edge.

Strolling through town

Looking in the many unique shops.

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